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Images and Things, Part 2

I could just edit, but that wouldn't be as much fun


Images and Things

Felling in a write-y type mood, and Ziggy not being availible, I decided to gather together bits of sundry I've got hanging about that have amassed for winging it over the years (YEARS, holy crap). 

More posts when/if I find more pictures.

Winging It: Episode 5, Part 3

And after Potterdom, we continue our tale:

And where it goes from there, who knows? Not even us. Guess we'll just have to wing it! *ducks*

Winging It: Episode 5, Part 2

As we've got this whole episode hidding in our vest pocket, posts are more freqent. In the same hour, even. 

Including some of our favorite quotes, Devon being Devon, and HIM being HIM. With added oragami and fish sticks!

And so after over 2 years we return. Winging It has plodded, as Ziggy and I have plodded through life as well. Together we have braved anime harems and Potterdom and Rpgdom and Avatardedness. Latest bunnies include Past Avatar Hippies. Because Hippies make everything better. 

Noting that "HIM and Devon made such a good team...in a we're mostly drunk and making this up as we go along sort of way," with out further ado, I post the next segment of our rather silly saga. Oblivious to the plight of their nemesies, Devon and HIM wander in the early afternoon light, where they meet a mysterious red-cloaked someone...

Winging It, Episode 4, Part 3

Well, after a long summer and fall of college preparation (Adel), marching band (Ziggy), boy issues (Adel, again), and general buisiness Ziggy and I have come together to finally finish up Episode 4 of Winging It, where (we think) the plot might actually get underway. So, without further ado, here is the Final part of Episode 4 of Winging It.



Winging It: Episode 4, Part 3Collapse )

In other news, Adel also has a Photobucket account, so perhaps so pictures of the K & A unique vision shall be posted. Sooner or Later.

Bio: Lord Raveneau

Most stories are begun with at least a little bit of a plot, character, or setting. "Winging It," of, course, has not. Each character and place has surprised us as new information comes as it will. To keep track of what we have learened, and the little bit of plotting done for the future, we have decided to make little bios. Because we can. And frankly, they amuse us. To beging then, the Lord Raveneau...

Name: Lord Étienne Raveneau

Family: Parents, Lord Alphonse and Lady Fidèle Raveneau. Siblings, one (younger) Élan Raveneau

Age: Like he'd tell you. Suffice to say it's older than he'd like but younger than you'd expect

Defining Characteristics: the NOSE

Eyes: dark, and, he'd like to think, with an evil glint

Hair: Black. Longish. Probably needs to be washed

Clothing: Enjoys wearing black. Lots of black. He is never without his black cloak, his favorite top hat, leather gloves (black or white) and a cane

Job: Works for his mistress- an agency working oppiset that of The Lady

Familiar: Crow, Mak

Powers: More powerful than he used to be

Status: Single, likes-women-thank-you-very-much, not looking

Look-a-likes: Javert, Snape, Alan Rickman


Posting, to be quite honest, only to show off the new layout. It's really quite fun looking. Also with a question:
Ziggy, do you want to make character bios for the Winging It bunch? Or shall we just let the bits of our characters come out of the woodwork as the plot has? Or should we just make bios to keep track of what we know already?
If we do make one of the above, we should post them here...with pictures. Because pictures are fun.

Oh, and shall we keep the penguins as mood pictures? I wish we could have a custom set, but those are only for paid accounts (I think).


Winging It- Episode 4, Part 2

And with a stunning bout of creativeness, Ziggy and I have cranked out another part. I am posting it here so Ziggy has it, but I think when this scene is finished I will put it all in one part, or at least with a little more coherency.

So, without further ado...Winging it Part Four, Episode 2: In which people are undignified, and someone new arrives....

Episode 4: Part 2Collapse )

Winging It- Episode 4

So, we have met all of the characters...now it's time for things to get interesting.

So, finally....Winging It: Episode Four, Part One: In which there is Nose-Abuse, a Kidnapping, and a Cliffhanger.

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